Papers need to address less-resourced languages. They can contain an analysis and insight into existing methods and problems, a description of resources, an overview of the literature or of current initiatives, or a combination of the above. Authors must declare if part of the paper contains material previously published elsewhere.

We accept the following typologies of papers:

  • research papers;
  • position papers for reflective considerations of methodological, best practice, institutional etc. issues;
  • research posters for work-in-progress, projects in early stage of development or description of new resources.

All typologies are allowed a maximum of 8 pages, references excluded. The Programme Committee reserves the right to decide whether a paper submitted as a research paper is more suitable for a poster presentation.

Accepted papers will be published in online proceedings.

Papers must strictly comply with the LREC stylesheet and be submitted in PDF unprotected format to the Workshop START page.

Each submission will be reviewed by three Programme Committee members. In compliance with the LREC rules, papers must *not* be anonymized.